13 January 2023

The month of January was an eventful one for the New Apostolic youth community in South India. Several gatherings were held to celebrate the Day of the Youth (DOTY) 2023 across the state of Telangana. These events took place on different dates and at different locations across the state.

Eager Youth Gather at Shadnagar Church

On the 13th of January, youth from the south of the state gathered at Shadnagar Church to celebrate DOTY together. They received their welcome packets, accommodation guidelines and enjoyed some refreshments. Then they gatherered in the common hall excited for what the next two days would bring.

After a short group session and an appetizing lunch, the youth started their afternoon session by learning an action song. Once everyone was warmed up, the afternoon spirits were kept high as all the participants enjoyed playing some games together. The session for the evening gave them an opportunity to further understand their relationship with God and its importance in how they lead their lives.  After this enriching first day the youth gathered for dinner and then spent the remainder of the evening enjoying their time of fellowship with one another.

The next day began with devotion and worship through music. After breakfast and a short game, the youth gathered again to explore the motto for the year. The also examined more deeply the words of the Lord’s Prayer. These discussions led by Ap. Fred gave the youth an opportunity to explore their own understanding and gain new insight from each other and the ministers.

Joyful Youth Meet at  Shamshuddinpur Church

The second DOTY event was held on the 16th January 2023 in the Western part of the state. Participants from Pampad, Kushnoor, Shapur, Tekur, Mirzapur and Shamshuddinpur congregations gathered together at the Shamshuddinpur church were the youth were greeted wholehearedtly by the local congegation and a band procession.

The day began with a small group activity where participants were given the task of understanding and presenting on the Bible word from Revelation 20:6, ‘Serving and Reigning with Christ’. Apostle Fred then shared more deeply about the verse and its message about our future with Christ. After lunch the participants were joined by a few district leaders and young ministers from Bidar. The entire group then played some games together and ended the Day of the Youth with fellowship over dinner.

Celebrating Togetherness in Hyderabad

The third DOTY event for Telangana state was held in Hyderabad at SSR cricket fields on January 26th and thus coincided with India’s Republic Day. Planning for this large event began much before this date. Committees were formed for the successful execution of the various tasks. Finally, the much-awaited day arrived and buses from multiple locations started their journey at 6 am to the venue.

Learning to Trust in the Lord’s Guidance

To commemorate Republic Day, the event began with a flag-hoisting ceremony. This was followed by an open-air youth service for 429 attendees conducted by District Apostle Helper (DAH) David Devaraj. The sermon was based on Luke 5:4-5, where Jesus told Simon to “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Despite Simon’s doubts after a night of unsuccessful fishing, he followed Jesus’s command and was blessed with a large catch. The youth were encouraged to trust in the Lord’s direction for their lives so that they too might experience their faith just as Simon did.  It was also emphasized that part of their duty as God’s children is their responsibility toward themselves, their work and others. Simon was blessed because he was already doing his part. Likewise, the youth too were encouraged to do their bit by taking their studies and work seriously, giving time to loved ones, and participating in their community. 

Communing Together over Cricket

After the Divine Service, DAH Devaraj flagged off the sports events with a toss between cricket teams. A total of 12 teams participated in the cricket tournament while the rest of the youth were engaged with other sports and games like balloon burst, blind fold, and word music. These activities were followed by a question-and-answer session with DAH Devaraj and the youth. There were various questions regarding their faith and personal matters, and the DAH was happy to answer them all. At the end of the day, awards and medals were distributed to all winners and participants across the different sports and games. After some light entertainment, participants began their departure at 7:30pm, bringing to an end another eventful, fun filled Day of the Youth. 

The Importance of Fellowship

DOTY’s are very special as they create a space where the youth can gather together and grow spiritually in fellowship. They provide young people with a unique opportunity to deepen their faith, build lasting bonds with one another, and explore what it means to be a true New Apostolic member as they build the future of the church together.