26 March 2023

Preparing the Way

In preparation for the Chief Apostle service on the 12th of November 2023 in Pune, the youth of the New Apostolic Church India came together over the weekend of March 25th and 26th at the at the Don Bosco Youth Centre at Koregoan Park-Pune. This gathering was made even more special by the presence of our dear District Apostle Mark Woll.

Recognizing the significance of the upcoming service in November, the youth aimed to come together to establish committees and delegate work effectively. They understood that their collective efforts and commitment would play a significant role in making the event a resounding success.

Youth Meet at Don Bosco Center in Pune

Approximately 200 youth gathered from across Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Rajasthan, Aurangabad, Jalna, Nagpur, Ghugus, Gujarat and Hyderabad to attend the youth meet.

The two days provided the youth with many opportunities to learn new things about their faith from their spiritual leaders and to bond with each other.

Apostle Fred Marihal opened the event with a prayer which was followed by a praise and worship session led by congregations from different regions. Led by Bishop Mangesh, Apostles Fred Marihal & Prabhakar Beergi the youth participated in various activities which included games, team building exercises, and learning new songs.

Engage, Educate and Empower!

Simultaneously a group of 40-50 youth set out for a voluntary session organised at the Pradeshik Manorugnalay Yerawada, Pune – a regional hospital for those with mental disabilities.

They were accompanied by District Apostle Mark Woll, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj and a few other Apostles from India. The first half of the day was spent in voluntary activity. The youth helped pick up litter and clear the premises of excess vegetation which was harbouring snakes and beginning to pose a safety hazard for the residents.

The District Apostle Helper Devaraj then briefed the group on the importance of proper waste segregation practices and ways in which they can implement small changes that can have a large impact on the world we have been entrusted with.

This was followed by a session on mental health awareness. Two senior psychologists, Dr.Rupali Shinde (M.D. Psychiatry) and Dr.A Shejul (Deputy Superintendent) shared their experiences and insights on various mental health issues. They gave the youth many new perspectives on mental health and were also kind enough to provide an open help line to all present.

Friendship and Fellowship

The two groups rejoined for lunch at the Don Bosco center. Thereafter, Dr. Rohini Bhosale (Clinical Psychologist), summarized all the information that was provided throughout the day and reemphasized the need for mental health awareness for all the 200 plus youth who were present.

Our District Apostle Mark Woll then gave the youth the time to bring up any questions they would like to address. The conversation was so engaging, that the session could have gone on for several more hours had time permitted. After a closing prayer, the youth had a chance to take some pictures and enjoy each other’s fellowship for the rest of the evening.

Divine Service

The following day, a festive Divine Service was held at Elpro Mall Auditorium, Chinchwad-Pune. There were 640 members present from Maharashtra and Telangana. The service started with a praise and worship session led by the melodious choir. The bible text for the service was taken from Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” 

The Apostle shared a brief history of the life of Joshua and how, though he lived to be 110 years old, he had the zeal to serve the Lord. This led to further exploring what it means to serve the Lord as our church motto for the year 2023 is ‘Serving and Reigning with Christ’.
The congregation as well as souls from the beyond were invited to share in Holy Communion.  

Sharing in Joy

After the Divine Service, members and ministered gathered for an afternoon of cultural performances. The Apostles were greeted and felicitated in a traditional welcome. This was followed by a showcasing of various cultural performances through dance, song and theatre. Lunch was served thereafter and members from different congregations had the opportunity to come together in fellowship.

These two days gave the youth an opportunity to form stronger bonds with one another through their shared faith. The youth returned to home congregations filled with the zeal and joy of spirit.