15 January 2023

This year’s motto competition was a huge success, with a whopping 321 art submissions from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They all submitted their interpretations of the 2023 motto, ‘Serving and Reigning with Christ’, based on the Bible verse from Revelation 20:6.

“Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”


Creative Expressions of Faith

It was a joy to browse through the various expressions of creativity. The submissions ranged from abstract renditions of the cross to depictions of Bible stories where Jesus gave examples of serving. Some of the most popular topics were the feeding of the 5000 and Jesus washing His disciple’s feet.

Although many submissions had difficulty capturing both themes of serving and reigning in the motto, seeing so many young people expressing their faith in such beautiful ways was heartening. Some submissions depicted acts of service, while others depicted the future with Christ. After a shortlist of 22 was made, a jury panel of 17 voted to determine the 10 winners and the winning artwork.


First Winner

The first winner of the competition was Krupa Lokhande (16 years) from Shivaji Nagar in Mumbai. Krupa is entitled to receive INR 10,000/- as educational assistance.

Her artwork is made of 5 simple elements, an open Bible with a chain of people, a globe, a blue cross and a yellow crown on top of the globe. These elements together convey a clear message: The multitude of people on the bible symbolises that the Gospel is available to everyone. We connect to one another as our faith is based on the bible. Christ is with us not physically but through His church and the sacraments. We accept Him as our saviour and king, and are called to serve and reign with Him.

The artwork also depicts future aspects of Serving and Reigning with Christ, namely, the 1000 years Kingdom of Peace. The cross on the globe symbolises the supreme rule of Christ over everything.



The Runner-Up is Riya Vairagar (15 years) from Rokdobawadi in Nashik. She will receive educational assistance up to INR 5,000/-.

Her artwork features Jesus standing on top of a big cloud in a mountain landscape background. The centre of the artwork has the blue church emblem, the text ‘serving and reigning with Christ’ and a dove within a semi-circle. This central composition is surrounded by five more clouds, two of which feature people praying and preaching the Gospel. Jesus is depicted with his arms spread out, reaching out to the people on the clouds.


Third Winner

Our Third Place winner is Kanchan Bhalerao (21 years) from Aurangabad. She is entitled to receive educational assistance up to INR 3,000/-.

Her artwork is a logo with multiple layers: A circular chain of people surrounding the earth, which is placed over a blue cross. Within the earth, the artist illustrated Jesus sitting and embracing a child.


Ten Winners

To summarise, here are our ten winners for this year:

  1. Krupa Lokhande from Mumbai

  2. Riya Vairagar from Nashik

  3. Kanchan Bhalerao from Aurangabad

  4. Sabina Nag from Jagdalpur

  5. Stella Uriel from Aurangabad

  6. Sakshi Salve from Aurangabad

  7. Lavina Salve from Aurangabad

  8. Joison Magar from Mumbai

  9. Priyanka Vairagar from Nashik

  10. Praisy Komalwar from Ghugus


Congratulations to all Participants

We congratulate all the 307 participants from India,  Sri Lanka and Bangladesh who contributed their artwork for the 2023 motto contest! You will receive a personalised certificate of participation.

Our ten winners may please get in touch with Bishop Mangesh Ghumare to work out their personal time with an Apostle of their choice. Additionally, our top three winners will receive educational assistance, as indicated above.

Seeing the creativity and talent of so many young artists was an honour. We are excited to see what the future holds for these talented individuals and the impact they will have on the community and the world.